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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At The Beeches we hope to make this process as easy as possible. Please find below an answer to some of the most commen questions.  


If you have any further questions please contact our Sales Agent on the number below and they will be happy to assist.      

Savills Chester - 01244  323  232

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The Government’s Help to Buy scheme is available on all properties at The Beeches and is designed to help home-owners and new buyers onto and up the property ladder with a new generation of affordable mortgages.


To find out more about the available Help to Buy scheme at The Beeches please CLICK HERE.

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Purchasers at The Beeches will benefit from a range of finish options to kitchen, bathrooms and floor finishes depending on the build stage. Our team will work with you to personalise your new home. We can also offer a number of additional options to make your new home the perfect fit. Please contact your sales agent to discuss this in more detail.


The range of personalisations available will depend upon the stage of build at reservation.







All our homes come with a CRL10 year Insuarance backed Warranty – this means we have complied with the CRL Standards which set out the technical requirements for design, materials and workmanship in new home construction.  This is just one of the added benefits of buying a new home.


The 10 year warranty cover comes in two parts, here’s how it works:


Part 1: 10 year insurance backed structural warranty from CRL. Your new home comes with a 10 year structural warranty, meaning that the cost of fixing any damage caused by faults in specified parts of the home, usually the structural and weather proofing elements is covered.


Part 2:  2 year fixtures and fittings warranty. During the first two years, you have the added reassurance that if something goes wrong within your home, and is covered by the 2 year fixtures and fittings warranty, we will make sure it is put right.







Residents of The Beeches are able to enjoy unrivalled freedom, safety and security in an exclusive private community. All properties include high specification intruder alarm systems and smoke detectors as standard and the external communal grounds are covered by CCTV.


In addition to these security measures residents will benefit from a comprehensive range of services from St Joseph’s Place Management Company Ltd, an organisation that will be owned and controlled by residents of The Beeches.


Each property** will benefit from estate services that ensure the communal grounds around each home are an attractive and well maintained environment. The Manor House residents will also enjoy a comprehensive range of property management services design to make life at The Beeches even more relaxing.


Included within the management and estate charges are a wide range of services including:


  • Maintenance of the communal gardens and grounds

  • External Lighting

  • CCTV coverage of communal areas

  • Road and footpath maintenance      

  • Drainage system maintenance

  • Communal area wall and boundary maintenance

  • External window cleaning*

  • All external building maintenance*

  • Housekeeping & maintenance of internal communal areas*


Full details of individual property service charges are available from our appointed sales agent: Savills  Estate Agent Chester -

01244 323 232.


* The Manor House only

**Brooklea and Dovedale do not incur Service Charges as they are stand alone properties accessed from outside of the main estate.

There are lots of terms used when purchasing a new home to ensure you are familiar with all the legal and financial terms that may be used during the purchase process we have listed some of the key words and phrases CLICK HERE


Is there a waiting list for each plot?

Do you offer part exchange?

How do I reserve a new home?


How much of a deposit will I have to pay?

When should I insure my new home?

Can I reserve a property before it is released for sale?

How much will is cost to reserve a property?

Is my reservation fee refundable?

The vendor insures your new home until the moment of legal completion. From then on you are responsible for the insurance of both the buildings and its contents.

If you have any problems meeting deadlines please inform us immediately. We will do our utmost to accommodate delays but regrettably we may have to put your home back on the market if you are unable to meet your exchange deadline. However we can sometimes arrange for you to have first choice of future releases.


The property will normally be reserved for 28 days as this is when contract exchange is expected to take place.

To reserve a propery please speak to Savills Estate Agent Chester our appointed Sales Agent. -Savills Estate Agent Chester -          01244 323 232.


Savills will confirm the price of the property and advise whether it is still available for purchase. They will ask you a few questions to ensure you are in a position to reserve a property and request two forms of ID.


Your reservation fee reserves your new home. During this reserved period your new home will be withdrawn from sale and it will not be subject to any price increases. We will then ask you to exchange contracts and pay a deposit on exchange (usually 28 days after reservation).

What happens if I miss a deadline?

Should you cancel your reservation, other than for some very specific reasons noted at reservtion then we will retain the reservation fee to cover reasonable costs and expenses.

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When should I insure my new home?

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